Two Towns Down Brewing

Founded in 2019 by Sandy McKelvie, Two Towns Down is the symbol of family and triumph over the adversity. Since his childhood, Sandy has been fighting the odds, graduating from the prestigious Heriot Watt Brewing and Distilling courses while as a kid, he was told he would never learn to read due to Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

But with the support of his close-knit family, Sandy has been able to achieve everything. Even getting his small brewery throughout a worldwide pandemic.

“Paisley Pattern is a very important part of my family history as that’s where my grandparents and great grandparents have been working for generations. It’s also part of our Scottish heritage and a symbol of creativity and innovation. That’s the inspiration behind all my beers, and that’s why I am developing a specific house yeast strain which, like the paisley pattern will be unique and a symbol of the McKelvie family.”

After 2 years contract brewing, Two Towns Down has now settled in Paisley at 47 Back Sneddon Street with a 10 HL brew kit and a on site drinking facility and bottle shop coming over the next couple of months.