Time for Tempest Brewing Co

But it wasn’t long before Gavin wanted to get back to the reason they moved back to Scotland; he wanted to get started on his brewery. They found an old dairy shed near the pub, threw together an 800L brewing kit, and Tempest Brewing Co was founded.

Gavin then started splitting his time between the kitchen at The Cobbles, and his brew kit in the dairy shed, creating beers that reflected his passion for quality and talent for flavour. He started filling and labelling bottles by hand, stamping the names on each label individually, and getting them into the hands of locals.

If you’ve tried our beers, then you know how good they are, and it wasn’t long before the demand for the beer was too much to cope with in such a small space. Even with a couple extra staff, Gavin working full time in the brewery, and a makeshift upgrade to 16HL, we knew it was time for a pretty big change.

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